The Toy Factory

Our high-tech workshop and event space in downtown Albuquerque.


Our high-tech shop uses laser cutting, 3D printing and other digital fabrication technologies to create anything imaginable from paper, cardboard, wood and metal. We focus mainly on the rapid prototyping needs of our development team and are not currently accepting contract production work.


The gallery is a celebration of our communities interaction with both code & craft. Our open house events are a great opportunity for people to engage with the emerging world of digital fabrication as well as generative art. We also host co-working events such as the Albuquerque Game Developer’s Guild every Tuesday night.


  • Epilog 36EXT 120 Watt Laser Cutter
  • Epilog 45 Watt Laser Cutter
  • Chef Jet 3D Printer (coming in January 2015)
  • Large Format Printers
  • Woodworking Tools
Photos © Patrick Coulie